Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mortualia - 2010 - Blood Of The Hermit

*Артист | Mortualia | Artist*
*Название релиза | Blood Of The Hermit| Release Title*
*Тип релиза | Full-length | Release Type*
*Год | 2010 | Year*
*Стиль | Raw Depressive Black Metal | Style*
*Страна | Finland (Tampere) | Country*
*Лейбл | Dark Adversary Productions | Label*
*Формат | mp3@320 CBR (lame 3.93.1) + Scans | Format*
*Размер | 193 Mb | Size*

 *Треклист | Tracklist*

1. Becoming Meaningless (12:16)
2. Manic Euphoria (10:10)
3. The Sinister Shine (10:23)
4. Blood of the Hermit (11:59)
5. Pain at Least... (12:18)
*Общее время звучания | 57:06 | Total playing time*

Second full length from this depressive Finnish Black Metal entity created by the mastermind behind such bands as Horna and Sargeist — Shatraug.
"Blood of the Hermit" eclipses the first album of Mortualia 10 fold and takes you to a bottomless pit of darkness, depression, melancholy, nostalgia and utter desperation.
This is depressive black metal in the truest sense of the meaning, none of this new age teen angst.
From the lonliest parts of the woodlands and forests to the darkest reaches of negativity, this is truley a masterpiece and surpasses any sub genre of black metal."

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